World traveller, animal lover,
philanthropist with many dreams,
and dedicated to helping you 
experience the freedom of a clutter-free life.

My best friend showed me the lump in her neck in a café in Amsterdam where we were having an after school drink. Doctors later confirmed it was cancer. As a young adult I had lots of dreams and plans for my future, and this was the first time life interfered with my plans. The treatment she had was tough but successful, but never the less it returned six years later when we were both pregnant with our first baby. A year earlier, I was told my mum had breast cancer, that it had spread to her lungs, and that the BRCA-2 gene runs in our family. Every day I struggled with that knowledge. While my friend waited for her baby to be born so she could start chemotherapy, my mum called with more bad news. My father had been rushed to the hospital and the doctors did now know if he would make it to the next day. He ended up staying in intensive care for four months, battling life-threatening bacteria that destroyed his vital organs. I visited him every day, fearing he would never see my unborn baby boy. Clearly, my life had other plans for me.

Mum who passed away in 2008
My best friend

Why am I telling you this?

Life experience has taught me that bad things happen. It is something you can’t control and it often takes a lot of time to learn to live with the new situation. You only have one life and limited time so, if you want to achieve true life-satisfaction, you need to use time wisely.

This knowledge ignited my passion for:

1) Staying healthy

2) Doing what makes me happy, every single day

3) Finding ways to get more spare time and perceiving control of that time

4) Doing even more of what makes me happy and experience true life-satisfaction

Me & my dad
My family

Do you also want more time for doing what makes you happy?

One way to get more time is eliminating time-wasters, especially CLUTTER. And I know how.

I founded iQuitClutter to reduce suffering caused by clutter. Many people feel uncomfortable and stressed in their own home due to the amount of stuff they own. They waste precious time tidying up or searching for misplaced items and end up having no time for doing the things they love doing. Their stress levels are high and this massively impacts their overall health. As a Professional Organizer I am trained to alleviate clutter-stress by offering support, guidance and structure. Making a positive difference in someone’s life is something I am passionate about.

Find information about my Services and if you want free tips I recommend reading my Blog.

If you struggle with clutter, understand it is normal not to know where to start decluttering; it is often a big project to tackle. Home organizing is not something taught in school and besides that, the way your parents organized their belongings may not necessarily be the way that suits you. Therefore their organizing style will never work for you. It is even more complicated and extremely hard to create calm in your head and home if you have been disorganized for most of your life. Professional support is one of the best ways to really get your life in order.

Did you know that making it through challenges is actually what makes people stronger and happier?

Change is sometimes scary and that showing a stranger (me) your clutter can be embarrassing. It might help knowing that I have lived in 7 countries outside my home country The Netherlands. Overseas I have worked with the most amazing people from many different cultural backgrounds and can see the beauty in each and every person. I can truly say I am non-judgmental and always respectful towards my clients and their items.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Hopefully you feel inspired and encouraged to take the first steps to a clutter-free life. I am here to help so please feel free to call or email if you have any questions.

Warm regards,

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