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iQuitClutter runs hands-on, face-to-face organizing workshops for anyone interested in clearing clutter at home and creating a calm environment. We offer practical tips, home organizing inspiration and there is lots of time to get your questions answered. Workshops are held in several cities in Japan, New Zealand and The Netherlands and can be custom made as per your wishes.

Workshops are delivered by iQuitClutter Professional Organizer Nathalie Brantsma based in Tokyo. Workshops in New Zealand are presented together with Professional Organizer Natalie Jane from Be Organised based in Auckland.

Quit Wardrobe Clutter & Dress For Success

•  Discover your Wardrobe WHY
•  Analyze where your closet clutter comes from
•  How to beat procrastination and get started
•  Smart questions that help you decide what to keep and what can go
•  Healthy habits for effortless maintenance
•  Complete the MIRACLE plan for guaranteed success
•  Q&A

Create The Home You Love

How to organize your:

•   Living & dining room
•   Bedrooms
•   Bathroom
•   Laundry room and linen cupboard
•   Garage, attic and basement
•   Family
•   Q&A

Organizing Inspiration For Every Space In Your Home

•  5 steps to organize anything
•  Organising inspiration for each area in your home
•  Smart storage solutions to save money and space
•  Simple techniques to wrinkle-free store your clothes
•  Professional Organiser’s secrets to save time
•  The key to stay in control and be the best you
•  Q&A

Professional Organizer’s Secrets To Stay Organized

•  Inspiration to create a clear vision for your space
•  Find out where to start and how to proceed with easy
•  Design your personal organizing action plan
•  How to maximize storage space
•  Professional Organizer’s Secrets to Stay Organized
•  Organizing style test
•  Q&A



“Very well run course and great coverage of topics”


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